Task has passed through 3 phases during its life cycle.

  1. Start-up Phase: 1996 till 2002
  2. Growth Phase: 2002 till 2007
  3. Expansion Phase: 2008 till now

Task Startup Phase (From 1996 till 2002)

  • Task was all about a small group of partners that agreed to establish a limited liability firm together in 1996.
  • The core business of Task then was based on commission against facilitating projects between our clients and international suppliers.
  • Operations were concentrated mainly for Military activities with smooth touching to commercial activities.
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Task Growth Phase (From 2002 till 2007)

  • The founders decided to change the company structure to a shareholding company.
  • But the business was still based on commission only in the Aviation services & trading.
  • Commercial activities increased with tough competition with other local agents.
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Task Expansion Phase (From 2008 till now)

  • The Company Board decided that we must expand our work to include Design, installation & after sales services providing the maximum client satisfaction.
  • Task has established a service center located in El-Obour city accompanied with highly qualified staff capable to achieve the required target / service.
  • Also, we decided to expand our activities to penetrate different markets rather than Aviation.
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