Task Expansion Phase (From 2008 till now)

  • The Company Board decided that we must expand our work to include Design, installation & after sales services providing the maximum client satisfaction.
  • Task has established a service center located in El-Obour city accompanied with highly qualified staff capable to achieve the required target / service.
  • Also, we decided to expand our activities to penetrate different markets rather than Aviation.
  • One of the main features in this phase is the EMOD activities, which have increased significantly.
  • The average manpower during this phase ranged from 55-60 employees.
  • We have contributed in AVEX exhibition in 2008 & 2010.
  • Ground Power Unit
  • CAC Maintenance contracte for fire fighting trucks
  • Mirage-5 upgrade for EAF
  • C-130 ELINT system for EAF
  • A/C tractors upgrade
  • CAC SIMTRA training
  • GEIT Boroscope Inspection


Task International Today:

  • Due to our Success over the last year in different fields rather than Aviation and the confusion which already happened with more than one supplier, so at the beginning of 2014, we have changed the company name from Task Aviation to Task International.
  • Also, we have divided the company activities into 3 divisions (Aviation – Barter Deals – Engineering).