Nowadays LED lamps have become booming in the cost effectiveness aspect and energy saving trends, and it is becoming clearer that we must focus on Energy saving solutions to save the planet. The technology is improving rapidly and new energy-efficient consumer LED lamps are available.

Task International has established a LED assembly line in Cooperation with the Chinese company Core LED in order to fulfill its dream of establishing an assembly line for LED products starting from LED bulb to LED street lights to penetrate the Egyptian market. What distinguishes us from others and makes us succeed in the competition is that we insist on providing high quality products with highly competitive price.

We launched a new series of LED lights with competitive prices and cutting edge technology!

Our vision: Providing the Egyptian market with affordable high quality lighting solutions

LED lighting benefits:


  1. Energy Saving, Electricity bill cost reducing.
  2. Carbon footprint reduction.
  3. Maintain cost reduction, Initial high purchasing costs are easily retained within a year.
  4. Hazardous waste reduction, since LED light bulbs can be recycled.